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Keboola, 9. 6. 2018


Technical Sales Executive in Keboola, Singapore & Jakarta

Does data analytics make you excited the same way new Star Wars sequel does? Do you see yourself working in a highly specialized team of data solution? Is helping prospective customers resolving inefficiency bottleneck in their business process something you’d enjoy doing? Do you share the satisfaction of having a clean, rich, integrated, and real-time data all in one login like we do?

Let’s assume you said yes in your head since you are reading on. Before you continue, let’s do a quick check if this is worth your time. For starters, we are not a typical company. Neither is this a typical role. We don’t have an office and are a completely distributed business across 8 time zones. If you are looking for a cushy corporate career-fast-track job with foosball table and three meals a day at the office, I’d recommend you swipe left on this one. Also, we would like to emphasize that we are opening two of the same roles, one in Singapore and one in Jakarta. Applicants for either need to hold a valid work permit and be residents of respective countries.


We have our roots in the Czech Republic where our proprietary data integration technology is built, this is also where part of our consulting team is based, the other half is in our business hub – Singapore.. The founding team has 8+ years of presence in Singapore and APAC market with wide range of experience from digital analytics to enterprise software.  We sell and implement new grade of data preparation (read: the boring part of Data Science and Analytics nobody likes doing) & enrichment platform called Keboola Connection in a variety of use cases. We strongly encourage you to research our product before you apply for this role.


As our Technical Sales Executive, you will encourage prospective customers to leave their time-consuming data handling, cut back a major part of their expenses in multiple data analytics, and move on to the more revenue-generating part of their business process. You will take up an end to end role, combining research, business development, and consultative sales execution.

Interested? Check the details and apply!


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Enrupt, 4. 4. 2018


Energy Innovation Intern in Enrupt, Singapore

About company
Enrupt is building energy companies of the future based on digital, clean and decentralised solutions. We are looking for an intern interested to support our work on energy transformations. This will be a mix of research and analytical work and support on the marketing side.

What you will learn

  • How to analyze market developments and think of future scenarios for the energy industry, both conventional and clean energy where you will be exposed to the topics of renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy access.
  • How to approach the creation of partnerships, both between energy companies, technology providers and their clients.
  • How new technologies and innovation can impact energy sector and what can be done to support the clean energy transformation.
  • How to communicate across different cultures and you will gain exposure to energy markets in South East and Central Asia, Middle East and Europe.
  • How to organize innovation events and manage social media.
  • Communication and presentation skills at strategic level.

Contact person:

Commitment of at least 2 months is required.

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Tableau Software, 29. 3. 2018


Product Consultant, Australia

Tableau Software is looking for the Product Consultant. Roleis based in Sydney, Australia.

As Product Consultant, you will be the de facto expert in Tableau Software products. You will communicate the features, capabilities, and benefits of Tableau. An integral part of the sales team, you will work in a pre-sales capacity, and help existing customers learn about the products by designing and delivering regular training sessions. Post-sales, you’ll help people make breakthrough advances with analysis to ensure adoption of Tableau Software. You can quickly turn-around prospect requests with stunning visuals published to our YouTube-style platform. In other words, you’ll make data dance and come to life for customers.

Follow the link and apply if interested!

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Tableau Software, 29. 3. 2018


Sales Consultant, Australia

Tableau Software is looking for the Sales Consultant in Sydney, Australia!

The Sales Consultant has a specialized focus on, and skills with deep technical proof points, including business intelligence, complex data sources, and ETL. This Sales Consultant is the key technical point of contact for all enterprise deals at Tableau specializing in deals involving complex data. The Sales Consultant participates in data acquisition and transformation delivery and may provide oversight and technical checkpoints to enforce standards and quality of BI solutions. Researches new technologies, tools and methodologies as they emerge that may be applicable. The solutions consultant provides sales consulting presales support contributing towards the successful conversion of prospects to customers and engages customers to nurture repeat purchases. In addition, you may also be providing services and training.

Follow the link to apply!

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