#DataDriven is focused on nurturing the Data science, analytics & business intelligence community by providing an online and offline platform for learning, networking and community building in the broadest sense.

The moving force behind #Datadriven is the founding team of Keboola Singapore. In last few years, we came to appreciate how great and vibrant the community that revolves around data analytics is (in Singapore). There are amazing conferences, there are popular meetups and more.

We have seen the community coming together for our First Data Driven Hackathon in 2016 and the energy we helped to create was very special. People learning, sharing, exploring, experimenting, networking and having great time. This is what we wanted to enable and contribute to. And Lots has happened since 

With this experience in mind we set up an unique space online, where we are housing all #DataDriven activities, such as the workshops and meet-ups we organise and where we share original, enriching and inspiring content from the top minds in our industry.

Our #DataDriven Hackathons bring together Data experts and enthusiasts to create new and innovative (business) insights based on real-life data sets.

Through our She Loves Data community we aim to inspire more women to pursue careers in Data & Tech and help them be bold in their pursuit to a new career. She Loves Data’s signature “Introduction to Data Analytics” workshop provides women from all walks of life the opportunity to learn the very basics of data analytics from experts, no experience required, with the aim to encourage more women to consider a career in data analytics, where diversity is so needed!

We are very grateful for the opportunities we have had in our respective careers and this is our way how to give at least a little back to the community.

We do hope you find value in what we are trying to achieve. If you have any comments, feedback, want to support or collaborate otherwise, please contact us at hello@datadriven.sg.

Vojtech Kurka

The Data Nerd and API Warrior

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Jana Marlé-Zizková

The Tea Master and Ultimate DataGirl

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Pavel Bulowski

The Datadriven.SG Goodfather

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We are a tech company with very strong emphasis on reliable services and data expertise. We are passionate about data and we understand it in the deepest sense. We have a team of experienced architects who deal on daily bases with hundreds of different APIs in order to deliver bespoke data integration projects to our clients and partners in the APAC region.

Our software platform, Keboola Connection is a new generation solution for data integration and advanced analytics. Natively built in cloud, it is scalable, secure, easy and fast to deploy. This collaborative analytics platform is designed to become the true data democratisation and harmonisation engine in the hard of any company. Our system is built with an open source mindset to turn data into a valuable asset.

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