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On October 23rd team introduced to Singapore the very first women only  data analytics workshop as part of our #DatadrivenSG hackathon. Completely overwhelmed, we received over 300 registration, which would booked the capacity 3x over! The interest in data is obvious in the community! Since then we held several more sessions and have further plans. Go Girls! To kick of 2017, we are starting the year down under with first to sessions in Sydney and Melbourne with our fantastic partners TAL and Yellowfin BI who are helping us with material support as well as experienced mentors. 


In this post we would like to introduce the concept, why we support it and what’s in it for us.The roots of DataGirls come from Czech Republic and similar local organisation called Czechitas, whom we asked few questions and Keboola EMEA team.


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Why ‘Data Girls’?

The vision behind the DataGirls movement is to introduce women interested in the logic, thinking and execution behind Business Itelligence, and walk them through the basic problem solving, form the right mindset and teach them some of available data analytics and exploration tools.

 The graduates could either move on to become junior BI consultants or to solve the business questions that they themselves face in their daily business operations. And why girls? We want to make girls confident and more skilled in IT and the most dominant tech field, data science, included. The concept was created by  local female tech community Czechitas and the software company company Keboola in 2015 in Czech Republic.


What is the story behind Czechitas?

Czechitas is non-profit organization educating and inspiring women in IT so they can become not just consumers, but builders of the technology change. Since 2014 they have been organizing 100 events, workshops, summer camps, meetups and programming courses per year. In several projects we approach women at all different ages and background, girls who are deciding on their future careers but also teachers who we want to establish programming clubs at high schools. We want skilled and confident women to enter IT and create more diverse teams.  


In 2015 itself, Data Girls and Czechitas enabled 1278 women in their workshops!


How are these workshops different to all the others? Why are women only events important?

Women just need different learning environment. It really important to bring down the barriers and in the same time create safe and supporting environment where they are not afraid to raise their hands and ask questions.


Are women better predisposed to become data analysts?

This question is part of the problem. I Men and women analysts might just see things from different angles. When you combine these angles you will very likely get bigger value. This is why diversity in teams matter.  It is this different approach why gender diversity is so important in IT and also in data science.


Most surprising learning from running Data Girls workshops last year?

Girls are super excited about learning IT. They just did not have enough confidence to enter unknown waters, it’s hard to get into traditionally male domain!


Once graduating from your workshops, do you actually see girls getting on with their careers  in data analytics?

With one-day workshop DataGirls we do not expect miracles. We want to inspire these girls and give them something to think about. What we do has great potential to open their minds and introduce them to the possibilities of career in data science. But actually what happened also is that girls were coming back to their jobs on Monday morning with different mindset, data-driven attitudes that help to make better decisions. And this is quite impressive and makes us happy about what we do!


What are you planning for future?

We want to establish many more local chapters of Datagirls and first workshop Singapore is really exciting in this direction! With growing community around Datagirls we also wanted to guide girls further with more advanced and specialized courses.

 Czechitas’ plan is supported by In January 2017 we are launching very first run of full time 3-month Digital Academy educating women with no previous knowledge in data analytics. Within 2 years we will bring 300 new data scientists to the job market.

These questions were answered by Czechitas mom Dita Prikrylova and self proclaimed ‘data freak’  Zuzana Bednarova analyst from Keboola EMEA.

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