The Data Driven City

Is data just a tech thing?

Think collating and playing with data lies just in the realm of technology and the corporate space? The Data Driven team disagrees. “Open data” or user-generated information is currently being utilised to derive the direction of the places that we live, play and work in – our cities. With the power of state of the art visualisation tools, this data is being used in an effort to solve our cities most incredible challenges.

Data and Cities

In this month’s Data focus, Ana Lucia Moya, (Sustainable Transportation and Mobility Coordinator at the Center for Urban Development in Costa Rica and One Young World Ambassador) writes about the “Data Driven City” and how Costa Rica is utilising “nuggets of digital gold” to make the world a brighter and cleaner place.

(4 minute read)

City Lab’s journalist, Amy Crawford highlights the potential big data has at unlocking the capacity of Urban Farming. She focuses on satellite imagery and mapping as a way to visualise the percentage of vegetation and urban infrastructure in our environments to then determine “natural capital”. Have a read!

(7 minute read)

Finally, for all of you who love pretty graphs Florence Broderick (Solution Marketing lead at CARTO) highlights her amazing work in “Data for Social Good”. Here she showcases five ways cities can use data for the citizens, not just for corporate gain.

(4 minute read)

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