DataDriven’s best Free SQL Resources

So a lot of you have been contacting us about free resources extend yourselves (while you’re waiting for one of our Advanced Visualisation courses to pop up in your area). And since you asked we delivered! And by we, I mean Vojtěch Kurka, our guru data analyst who has been traversing around the globe speaking at our DataGirls workshops. So without further ado, here are DataDriven’s best free SQL resources!


Why we like it: has everything. From HTML to java script the site is one of the go to places for free beginner content. And it has an SQL tutorial! Intuitive and easy to use you can learn SQL at your own pace without tests and deadlines. There are worked exercises in each tab making it fun to play around with. It also goes through SQL references and has a list of quizzes which you can take. If you so choose, you can also get W3School certified – a nice shiny certificate celebrating all your hard work!

Khan Academy

Why we like it: Khan Academy is a tried and tested online learning portal. It’s slick design and structured content is nicely packaged. Its big value is the set at the conclusion of the model, where it goes into detail on where next you can explore leveraging your SQL skills – from servers to deep data analysis.

Plural Sight

Why we like it: If you don’t like just reading text and prefer all your sensors to be stimulated, Plural Sight offers a great course. Short bites of juicy SQL insight to get you up to speed with all things data. You can get an online mentor which we think is pretty nifty; but do note that not all content is free.

So there you have it! DataDriven’s best Free SQL resources for your perusal. Go forth and have a kicker of a time joining those tables!

Happy Data-ing



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