DataDriven.SG in Melbourne – Free Meet-up on Data Engineering on 15 March 2018

Join us for our meet-up on Data Engineering organised by!


Data Engineering (and it’s problems and challenges) doesn’t get enough spotlight. If you look at the trending topics, it’s AI, ML, Data Science, Deep Learning and what not. Yet research tells you that up to 80% of the sexiest job in the world (aka Data Scientist) is made up of gathering and cleaning data and dealing with its quality. In this evening of very informal meet up we will try to bring together 3 very different perspectives for three short presentations followed by a panel discussion open to your questions.

We will kick off the event by presentations by our speakers from Keboola and AGL.


The events starts at 6:30pm and will last about 1.5 to 2 hours.


Our Host

Martin Granell
Martin Granell – CTO at AGL Energy
Our Speakers
Vojtech Kurka – Solutions Architect at Keboola Singapore with expertise in ETL and systems automation.
 TShael headshot
Tom Shael – Data Scientist at Digital 360 will be sharing talk titled “Square data, round pipe”
Adding commercial value with the right data pipeline: experience and insights from building a data solution for a web-based application
Kian Ho  – Data Scientist from Sportsbet will talk about ‘Serving real-time recommendations @ Sportsbet: Lessons from the field’ and share the backstory of complex data engineering issues and how his team overcome the challenges.


Datadriven is a movement focused on nurturing the data science, business intelligence & analytics community through free data related events & workshops. In last few years, we came to appreciate how great and vibrant the community is that revolves around data analytics in Singapore and decided to contribute through online blog posts as well as through the events we organize.

We run Data Hackathons for data and business professionals and organize the “Data Girls” workshops promoting diversity and inclusion across industries inspiring more women to pursue careers in tech with the help of SheLovesData community

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