Dear Participants,

First of all, let me thank you for joining us in the DataDriven Hackathon. I believe that you, as Data Nerds, understand that the security and privacy of data is a very important topic. The data suppliers and I would be very grateful if you could follow a few simple rules about our datasets.

The raw data will be available only during the event itself, from the start official start until the final presentations. You will have enough time to get to know more about the data from the owners of the datasets during their presentations.

The raw data should not be shared, copied or published outside the DataDriven Hackathon community. However, visualisations, results of analysis and similar aggregated results can be shared publicly.

We deeply care about this community and we want to give back. Thus, we decided that all results created during the event will be underĀ Creative Commons license. This is a mutual relationship between data vendors, tech vendors and participants, where we try to encourage all parties to share the fun and ensure that we can also bring as many of the hackathon ideas to life as possible.

Dear Data Owners,

A big thank you for providing us with your precious datasets. We truly appreciate your contribution!

The participants and I would like to ensure you that we care about the privacy and security of your datasets. It means that your raw data will not leave the event community. It can leave the premises of venue (we are using cloud tools), but the access will remain in the good hands of participants only.

Data Nerds are usually very proud of their work and want to share it with the community. We would like to encourage such knowledge sharing by publishing the results of the hackathon. This means no raw data will leave the event community, only analysis results, the visualisations and similar products of the data geeks. This way, we can learn from each other.

No one likes to do the work just for fun. It is always a great pleasure to see that some analyses help to solve a problem or provide an insight. That is why all products and results of the event, like analysis, visualisations and applications, will be released underĀ Creative Commons license. This also means that you are free to use it!

For the whole hackathon team, Vojtech Kurka, Solution Architect from Keboola Singapore