All frequently asked questions, simply answered, no mambo jambo.

Something came up and I can’t make the event

We get it, things come up, but please do let us know in any case as soon as you find out. The event is free, non profit and we typically have long waiting list of people who can take your place. The sooner you let us know the better!

Food, drinks & refreshments

Thanks to our partners and their kind contributions, the event is fully catered. On each day, there will be lunch, light dinner, always plenty of snacks around and soft drinks and coffee and tea will be always ready to keep you going during the event. On Sunday night, once the work is over we will also bring out some beers and wine so everyone can loosen up a bit for presentations 🙂

IP ownership

What you build in your team is what you keep. The partner providing the data will always own the data, any type of solution and project you build on top of it remains yours. No tricks, no shady business.

Technology we can use during the event

We are bringing together some great partners that are going to provide their tech for free for the use during the event. If you’d like to keep using some of it for your own projects or try out at work, there is nothing easier than talk to the respective partners at the event, or just come to talk to organisers.

What do I need to bring?

You do definitely need your laptop and a charger. There are no specific prerequisits. If you want to use your own software, it’s also possible. Just BYO.

Do I need to have a team or can I sign up by myself?

The point of this event is for the community to get to know each other better, so if you ride solo, don’t worry we will assign you to a team. If you are coming with friends and would like to form team, you can indicate it as a preference when you do your online registration, we will the our best to keep you together.

What kind of skills should I have if I want to join the hackathon?

Foremost, you should have passion for data. Whether your job title is data scientist, business analytics, BI engineer, you are visualisations specialist or deal with analytics from business perspective, everyone is welcome and everyone can create very meaningful contribution. If you know some programming languages great, if you are familiar with some data preparation or BI technology even better. Whether you are pro or up and coming enthusiasts, this is a place for you. We are also reserving approximately 20% of the capacity for students as big part of our mission is enablement of the youth!

Can I come by myself or do I need to have a team?

Very often asked question! You can do either. If you don’t have team, please register and come by yourself, we will assign you to a team and you will make great connections. If you are registering in a group of friends or colleagues and want to stick together, you can either let us know in comments during the registration online or just say so when you show up in the morning off. Note that every team member needs to register separately.